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The Masseria Il Mandorlo fiorito
The Masseria Il Mandorlo fiorito, built in local stone dates back to the XIX century, but is presumably far more ancient. The only definite date is although 1860. The entire structure has been modified during centuries, belonging to different owners, who inevitably made different and arbitrary changes. Founded in awful conditions by the new owners, in 2014 the Masseria has been restored.

The Masseria is today one of the most beautiful of the “valle d’Itria”, surrounded by large open green spaces, ancient olive trees, an orchard, a vegetable garden. The apartments, called villas, the large hall, the alcove, adapted to an Arabic sitting room for the aperitifs, and the antique mangers, back onto a central barnyard, under the shadow of the acacia trees. Around the two apartments called Villa Fico and Villa Ulivo, there is a wide open green space with a barbecue area and the gorgeous large swimming pool, for the exclusive use of the guests. The wide parking area is located near and out of the central zone.
All the area is fenced and equipped with electric gate.

The direction
The owners originally from Puglia, settled in Florence, after they had lived for several years around the world, as in the Far East or in North Africa, where they personally realized and managed hotels of their own propriety.

After having acquired a huge amount of experience in the field of international tourism, they recently decided to come back to Puglia, where they fell in love with the Masseria. Maria had worked as an expert gourmand and interior designer for prestigious magazines and private clients, thence she took care of the design of the entire Masseria, including works of art of contemporary artists. Maria Grazia, called Maggie, is a jeweller, a sculptor, and a ceramist. Vanessa is an art historian, a tour guide, a painter, and a yoga teacher. Maggie leads drawing on ceramic courses, and Vanessa leads cultural-historical strolls, exclusively for the guests of the Masseria. (As tour guide Vanessa holds tours in Florence, to book in advance). Altoghether they take care of the Masseria and their clients, trying to give their best.

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